How to Reduce your Image File Sizes Super Quickly and For Free

This blog post is for the newbies - and I was one once. Not too long ago.

If you've ever wondered why your Squarespace website is loading so slowly, check the file sizes of the banners and other images and graphics you have uploaded to your site.  

Are they more than 500 KB?  If yes, remove them.

Right now. 

Squarespace explains really nicely why you need to do that in their article Formatting Your Images for Display on the Web.

Next step is to upload the original images to TinyPNG to compress each of your overlarge images. I promise you, you won't see a loss in quality.  The picture above is 63 KB. The one below is 314 KB.  

Do you see a difference? I don't.

Use tinypng to resize your images for Squarespace

Here's a quick video on how to reduce and compress your image sizes using TinyPNG. It's all free and super fast.  I use TinyPNG all the time to optimize my images for my Squarespace website - it's pretty much a habit now.

(Er, excuse all the background noise. That was the sound of window blinds going up! Morning is here.)

By the way, if you have any questions, hop on over to my FB page and ask away. I'll do my best to answer, or find someone else who can answer your questions for you.