An Obvious Yet Not So Obvious Use for Twitter

Use Twitter to find out what's wrong with Squarespace

 I have a confession to make. I don't use Twitter for my business right now. 

The last time I tweeted was in December 2014 and then I just stopped. 


 My last Tweet (which was actually a shared Instagram post.)

My last Tweet (which was actually a shared Instagram post.)

That doesn't mean Twitter isn't useful. I pop in every once in a shiny blue moon to check out a trending hashtag or see what my favourite urban planner has to say about city walkability and car culture. (Yep, that's a little known obsession of mine.)

But what I really love about Twitter as a cool biz tool is that it tells me what the heck is going wrong with the various online platforms and services I happen to need to use right this very minute.  

In the not so distant past, I would spend HOURS (sometimes) figuring out why something wasn't working only to find out that the service itself was glitchy.

And yes, that service sometimes is Squarespace. I'll be thinking, why is this NOT WORKING - that would be YELL THINKING - when really it isn't me. It is IT. 

Last week, Squarespace was down. Lots of Squarespacers panicked. I know this because I'm in a few Facebook groups for Squarespace fans, entrepreneurs, and designers and there was indeed panic.

When this happens, I now head on over to Squarespace Help on Twitter to find out if anything is up. If something is up (or rather down), Squarespace will keep you posted. They'll also keep you posted on their Status page.

If nothing's up on Squarespace generally, I click over to the Tweets & Replies section of Twitter to see if anyone has tweeted about a similar problem I'm having. As this is often the case, I'll discover that I need to send in a support ticket or simply wait for it to get sorted.  

And that is all I have to say about the obvious yet not so obvious use for Twitter. Next time something's not going right for you with Squarespace or Mailchimp or Google Docs - get thee to Twitter.