3 Reasons (and 1 how to) To Duplicate a Page in Squarespace


How to duplicate a page is one of the first things I show my Squarespace newbie clients how to do, especially if their site has been beautifully designed by someone else.

Or even if it's been designed by me. ;) 

Without further ado - here are the 3 reasons you should duplicate your Squarespace pages when you can.

Duplicate a Squarespace Page

1. Don't Reinvent the Squarespace Wheel

If you like the way one of your pages looks and it suits the copy and images you plan to use in another page, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. This is especially smart if a designer has built your website - you can check out how she has laid out your page, where she's put spacers, how she's moved text around, and resized images. So it's a learning experience too.

Also, let's say you set up a fancy, overly-involved form block and you want to use a lot of the same form fields. You can't duplicate the form on its own, but if you duplicate the page the form is on, you'll get a duplicate form. You can delete the rest of the other stuff, rearrange the page the way you'd like it to look, but still keep the form. 

2. Consistency

If you want to share your information in a similar way across several pages so that it's easy for your visitors to navigate your site and find what they expect to find, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate.

3. Test Out a Squarespace Page Layout

You know how you think: I don't like how this page looks, I'm going to move this text over here, resize this image block over there and aaaaah - it's completely mucked up and you haven't saved the original layout. 

Yeah. Don't do that.

Instead, duplicate the page first, test out the new layout and if you like it, delete the original and use the duplicate by dragging it back to where the original was. (And make sure to edit the page and navigation titles and the URL slug in the Page settings section so that it has the same settings as the original page).

Duplicating a page in Squarespace is easy peasy.

  • First, click on the page you want to duplicate
  • Second, click on the gear icon
  • Scroll down to the bottom and duplicate the page.
  • Click Confirm.

Your duplicate page will show up in the not linked section of Pages.  Change the page and navigation titles and the URL slug to how you want it and you're good to go.

And in the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, here's how to duplicate a Squarespace page, from Squarespace.

Or, you can look at this picture.

How to Duplicate a Squarespace Page

UPDATE - in other exciting news (it's now June 2017...)

You can now duplicate a Squarespace blog post. Weeeeee!