3 Unique Ways to Use the Squarespace Form Block

3 Unique Ways to Use the Squarespace Form Block

Updated: April 15, 2019

There’s this cool feature in Squarespace called the Form Block.  

If you have a Squarespace website and you’re not already using this form block, then read on because, frankly, you should have one on your website by the end of today.

Tip - If you're new to Squarespace, read this post first on the 10 Step Guide to Setting up a Squarespace Website from Scratch.

Here are 3 ways you can use Squarespace forms right now:

1. Add a very detailed form to your Contact page.

Why? Because it gets right to the point.

Potential clients, customers or collaborators will answer the specific questions you ask them rather send you a vague, “hey there” message. It also cuts down on the back and forth emails and let’s you see if the two of you will be a good fit.

2. Create a survey for customers, clients or collaborators to fill in after they’ve worked with you or taken one of your free challenges. Using the form to create a survey also helps you gather information for future products or services you’d like to offer.

3. Make a questionnaire for your clients or customers to answer so that you can best prepare for the work or project you’re going to do for them.

In the images below, I share part of a survey and questionnaire clients fill in before I teach them how to navigate the Squarespace platform. (You might have to squint, it's hard to read.)

Questionnaire Using Squarespace Form Block
Survey using Squarespace Form Block

Hang on, I’ve got a couple more.

4. Gathering testimonials.

Like a questionnaire, current and former clients can fill in a Squarespace form that answers specific questions about what it was like to work with you and what were the benefits of working with you.

5. A "What Page Are You Looking For?" Form on your 404 page.

On the rare occasion, I get emails from people who've landed on my 404 page. Then I can help them or redirect them. 


The How to Video

Naturally, Squarespace Support teaches you how to create a form block and set the storage right over here. Watch the video.

Using the Form Block

(I use google spreadsheets to store survey & questionnaire answers. For the Contact forms, messages are sent directly to my email.)

Other Practical Examples of Squarespace Form Block Uses - as client interest forms:

Sarah Beth Moon - Client Interest Form (Actually this is now an embedded Dubsado form but it used to be a form block!)

My own contact forms - here’s one for Entrepreneurs and freelancers and one for Squarespace Web Designers.


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