Why You Should Brainstorm Blog Topics

Every 3 weeks, I write a Tuesday blog post on DIY website mistakes. These are not necessarily website mistakes. The category should actually read Fix DIY Solopreneur Mistakes, so there's a mistake right there.

Someday, I'll fix it.

Today's post is all about brainstorming.

Here's the thing. I couldn't think of a single mistake to write about today, aside from the Fix DIY Solopreneur Mistakes, but before I write about that mistake, I want to fix it - and I'm a bit time pressed today. 

So yeah, couldn't think of any mistakes to write about. Some people might call that a brain fart. 

Or writer's block.

I decided to brainstorm. I gave myself 6 minutes using the handy Google timer. 


Six minutes later, I came up with this list. Not bad for 6 minutes. I had NUTHIN' (well, ok, one thing) before I set the timer.

Brainstorming DIY Website (and other) Mistakes

  • Not brainstorming blog topics
  • Not batching blog posts - instead I'm writing them (frantically) every Tuesday morning.
  • Not paying enough attention to Squarespace metrics - where is traffic coming from?
  • Not breaking up content into bite size pieces for other social media - what’s the best way to organize it.
  • Not fixing the DIY Website Mistakes graphic/category
  • Not making an interesting Opt-in graphic for my home page (not the cover page) - will test to see if it attracts.
  • Not keeping track of DIY mistakes - not writing them down immediately. Somewhere, anywhere, in this here brainstorm list.
  • Not taking the time to test out calls to action (particularly for email sign ups) to find out which are more popular.
  • Not wanting to write this particular series anymore, especially if I can’t think of anything interesting to write.

One thing I know, I need a better content marketing strategy. Brainstorming for the blog is just one small part of this.  But client work gets in the way.

Not complaining. I love client work. Who would complain about that? Not I.

Still, I do need a strategy to make this blogging part of my marketing a little less anxiety-inducing, particularly for this category that I'm writing about today. I find it tough to come up with ideas.

Right - gotta run. I've set my timer for 15 minutes and I'm going to write another blog post for this category. (It's the second point on the brainstorming list. Not batching blog posts is definitely a DIY solopreneur mistake. Why stop now when I'm on a roll.)