Three Reasons Why You Should Batch Blog Posts


Three weeks ago, I couldn't think of anything to write about for this category of Fix DIY Website Mistakes, so I set my timer for 6 minutes and brainstormed.  

I came  up with 9 topics. Admittedly, the topics aren't all that exciting. Indeed, the brainstorm list looks more like a To Do list of yet more stuff I need to deal with, but at least it got me writing. 

The brainstorming post took about 20 minutes to write, edit and schedule. 

Then I thought, heck, why not write a batch of blog posts.

Now a batch, by my definition, is a number above one. So if I only write two draft posts, that's a batch. 

Two is better than one.

Some people set a specific day of the week to batch all their blog posts for the week or the month (as well as other content).

For me, because my workload changes from day to day, I prefer to set a timer when I have about 30 to 60 free minutes to work on my business (or is it in my business).

No, it's 'ON' my business.

Timer set, I start typing.




Here are 3 reasons you should batch blog posts.

1. Your blog post will be published on your specific publishing day no matter what, because let's face it, the day you want to write and publish your blog post is the day that:

a) your son vomits all over himself, his sister, you and the bed. Now you have soothing to do (and not just the sick boy), flat ginger ale to fetch and heaps and heaps of laundry. Plus you all have to take a shower. And then you've got to wash out the tub. And crap, did I just step in what I think that is ... GAACK.

b) your website goes down (except this is Squarespace so that's rare, but still. You never know).

c)  you have a ton of client work, bang, one after other. Now this is a good problem, but one of the reasons you have clients is they've read your helpful, 'value-packed' blog posts (usually the All Things Squarespace ones) and so you need to keep this blogging thing up. To show you're committed to getting jobs done. 

2. You save time

There's something about writing a whole bunch all at once. When you get into a rhythm, the writing flows. At least it does for me. And that saves time. Topic A done. Onto Topic B. You're also not so worried about being perfect because you know you have time to revisit the post and do a quick edit.

And I mean QUICK.

3. Your Stress Level Goes Down

Wait, what? It's Tuesday already? I don't have an idea for my blog post. Nothing! 

Yep, that happens. And it's not a good feeling. With batched blog posts, all you have to do on each Tuesday morning is a quick proofread, add a link, maybe an image - or nothing at all. It's all scheduled.

So go sip your coffee and watch the sunrise.