How to Remember Where You've Put Your Newsletter Sign Up Links

Remember Where You've Put Your Newsletter Sign Up Links

Like many solopreneur / freelancer types, one of my non-billable ‘jobs’ is to build my mail list. I have sign ups to my monthly newsletter dotted around the website and on other online platforms that I use, such as Facebook.

Not all my newsletter sign ups are the same.

One gives the signer-upper access to a series of free videos on the top 5 questions clients new to Squarespace ask me. Another sign up GAVE (past tense) access to a free week-long cover page challenge.

The one at the end of this blog post (and all my blog posts) simply says if you like this blog post, sign up.

Like many solopreneur / freelancer types (surely I’m not the only one), I forget where I’ve placed all the links to my newsletter sign ups.  

The other day, I put my free cover page challenge on pause as I’m debating whether to keep using it as a "lead magnet" (What’s that, you ask? A lead magnet is a freebie that entrepreneurs put out there online to encourage people to sign up  to their mail list. Also known as an "Opt In.")

I took the link to the cover page challenge off of my website and thought I was done.

I wasn’t. But I completely forgot that I wasn’t.

A couple of days later, I hopped on my Facebook page and noticed this … dah dah daaaaaah. (That's right, I don't go on my FB page much. I admit.)

Facebook Squarespace Cover Page Challenge Banner Image

Fortunately, that image was saved in my Canva account, so I was able to change it within 5 minutes. 

The new image is up on my FB page just in time for this blog post, but that doesn’t change the fact that I need a new workflow system. 

I need a way to remember what opt ins / lead magnets / freebies I’ve created and where I’ve put those links.

This is what I’ve come up with - a spreadsheet that lists what types of opt ins I have, where they’re located (IMPORTANT) and other info. 

Squarespace Newsletter Opt In Spreadsheet

Is this just another make work project for me?

On one hand, YEP. On the other hand, it will save me time in the long run to use this. And I won't be flying by the seat of my pants or finding random links every which way that I have to deal with while also dealing with supper and hungry kids.

Now the trick is to remember to:

  • fill it in when I first create a new opt in
  • check it when I take down an old, defunct opt in
  • make the time to remove the defunct opt in sign up links that I’ve posted around the internet. (In some cases, like individual posts in FB groups, this is impossible so…...)
  • disable the Squarespace page that leads to the opt in so that if someone clicks an old link I’ve forgotten about, it leads them to my 404 page - which will lead them back to my website.

Does that sound about right?

I'll see how this goes and report back someday. If I remember.