How to Disable Related Videos on Squarespace

disable related videos

In yet another episode of pffff, now I have to go in and fix all these mistakes....

You know how when you add a video to your Squarespace site, you get all these choices of other videos to watch at the end and sometimes you're like woah, what is that? That has nothing to do with what I just watched. Eek.

Plus it's distracting.

I posted a video a couple of week's ago on how to choose a colour palette for your website. At the end of the video, you see all these so-called related videos. I don't want to see that. Neither do you.

So here's what I'm going to do.  I need to go into all my posts and pages where I have embedded a video and add this code to the end of the link:  


That's it. Easy. Try to memorize it (or keep a google/word document of all the code you need for your site on a regular basis).

Here are some screenshots of what to do.  Remember to click APPLY after you've added the code.

(You might also have to grab the URL link off YouTube again and re-embed it if it the above code doesn't work. It should, but sometimes it doesn't. Annoying, but hey.)