A Curated List of SEO Tips & Features in Squarespace

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I’m going to admit, the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes me go gaaaah. SEO determines how easily your site is found in Google or Bing when people search certain keywords.

And that’s about as much as I know.

In some of the entrepreneurial groups I belong to, I’ll see posts about Squarespace with comments like “But what about SEO?” and I think, yeah, should I be concerned about that?

Well, if I want my blog posts - like this one - and website pages ranking on the first page of Google someday, then yes, I do need to know what to do.

And where to do it.

Let me rephrase that into a keyword rich sentence - If I want to rank on the first page of Google, then I need to know how to utilize SEO and where the Squarespace SEO features are located so that my site will be more visible to search engines.

Ooh, that’s wordy.

Let me rephrase that again using an H3 heading - because using headings also helps with SEO. Why? Because search engines give higher priority to headings.

SEO Tips, Features and How to Utilize SEO in Squarespace

Here are 4 blog posts, 1 video and 1 SEO support article from Squarespace that will show and tell you where you can utilize SEO and the best practices for implementing SEO in your Squarespace website.

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