You've Decided to Build your Website on Squarespace. Now What?


Keep it Simple:  Prep for Your Squarespace Website Series - This blog post is the first in a series on how to prep for your Squarespace website before you start getting all techy.

FYI, this whole series covers just Step 2 of the 10 Step Guide to Setting Up Your Squarespace Website from Scratch. For the full monty, read that linked post!

Plan and Build a Website on Squarespace

You’re a service-based business - a copywriter, an editor, a videographer, an illustrator, a wedding planner, a lawyer, a speaker, a photographer, a you-name-it-you-are-it  - and you’ve decided to build yourself a Squarespace website.

You’ve bought your domain and signed up for a Squarespace account.

Now what?

The Now What is simple. What do you want your website to ‘do’ for your business?

Choose a goal for your Squarespace Website.


First ask yourself:

Do you really need a website?

  • Where do you get most of your business right now?
  • How do people find you? Through word of mouth? Networking? Social Media? Traditional advertising? A mix of it all?

Even if you decide you don’t really need a website - that you're quite busy without one, thank you very much -  you still want to send people somewhere, right?


And that’s one of the reasons why you signed up for a Squarespace account.

Next ask yourself:

Who will be visiting your website?

  • Who are your ideal customers and clients?
  • Why will they be on your website?
  • Why are they looking for your services in the first place? What are they struggling with? What do they need from you?

From these answers, the main goal for your Squarespace website will become obvious.


So, have you decided yet?

What is the main goal for your Squarespace website?


When a visitor lands anywhere on your website, what do you ultimately want them to do?

  • Call you
  • Visit your bricks and mortar shop
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Contact you via email or form
  • Schedule an appointment with you


Notice I don’t suggest you start laying out your website yet - even though that can be fun. There’s a learning curve to any new platform, including Squarespace.

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Believe me, I know. #beentheredonethat




If I were to start over...

I’d think about who my ideal clients are (I have two types of clients) and choose a smart goal for my website that would help me connect with these potential clients.


My main website goal is for visitors to get in touch with me about one of my services.

My niche clients are Squarespace web designers.

My other idea clients are service-based entrepreneurs like interior designers and English language teachers who land on my tutorial-esque blog posts. (Is that you?) 

I want them to learn more about how the Design in a Day service - my collaboration with Squarespace expert Sarah Moon - can help them launch their websites quickly.

Let's recap.

Before you even log into your new Squarespace account - think about these 2 things first:

  • Who is your ideal website visitor (aka potential client or customer)
  • What is the main goal of your website?


Keep it simple. Start there.


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