My Ideal Work Week - What's Yours?


+ Customizing Colours in Squarespace

Ideal Week and Customizing Colours in Squarespace

Last week I had that problem I shouldn't ever 'complain' about. Work. Lots of it. Coming at me from left and right and centre. 

I even had two full sitting-at-desk days - almost like a full time - in-an-office job. Took two 15- minute breaks and a half hour lunch. Yowza.

What else?

In my inbox, I found two Work with Me Requests. (Yay!)

Also had some admin stuff to deal with.

And bills to pay.

And kids hungry for snacks. And cuddles. And stories. And wha??? Another snack??

So I didn't blog.

My 4 batched posts were all used up in the previous 4 weeks.


If there's one thing I've been this year, it's I've been diligent with blogging once a week, mainly about Squarespace.

I knew that it was time to dust off my IDEAL WORK WEEK calendar.

It's in a spreadsheet. It's colour-coded but otherwise, not all that pretty. 

Check Out My Ideal Work Week in a Handy Screenshot

Click the image to expand / download it - no opt in required.

Click the image to expand / download it - no opt in required.


Now the key word is Ideal. Life gets in the way. (Halloween, for example, and last minute candy shopping.) Actual work also gets in the way.

But, I did manage to follow this ideal week for all of about 3 weeks before the summer and let me tell you - I was super efficient.

Like astonishingly efficient.

So it's time to get back at this again to see if it helps me feel like I'm on top of things.

(For the record - Monday from 5 - 6 am is blog / newsletter brainstorm, editorial, batching time - and I'm doing it. In 15 minutes. This post will be scheduled for tomorrow.)

Squarespace tip: How to change colours in Design -> Style Editor section.

Recently (not really sure when, one day, I just noticed it was different), Squarespace changed how you customize colours in the Design -> Style Editor section.

The colour code defaults are hsla (or is it rgba?) 

Anyway ... not HEX!

rgba color code Squarespace

There's probably a very sound designy reason for this, but as a non-designer, I was all - GAK! Way back, I created a wee brand guide for my biz and it's all only in hex colours. I also use Canva for my graphics. Also hexy.

In one of the Squarespace Facebook groups I belonged to, someone asked about Hex to HSLA and I suggested they try this colour converter which has helped me:  Hex to HSLA.

An even better tip for changing color. 

All you have to do is pop in your hex numbers in the field and it works just fine.

Check it out (and thank you Kaitlyn Fox of Crown Fox for this tip, from all us DIYers).

Remember to use the # before the hex number or it won't work.

Remember to use the # before the hex number or it won't work.

PS If you're wondering what all this colour code stuff is all about, this explanation in the HTML Color Codes site is pretty good.

Click Squarespace Changing Colours tutorial for more info. (Oops, colors, I'm Canadian, sorry, yep, sorry, Canadian there too).