How to Choose a Colour Palette for Your Website Quickly and Easily

As a DIYer solopreneur, it can be easy to get into the bad habit of building your website or creating graphics without deciding on a colour scheme.  

I admit, I still do it. I get an idea and I go with it, playing with the tech, learning the ropes, without any planning. It's my style but it's not the most efficient or smart way to work.

So don't do what I do, do what I say!  

When I do take the time to plan the colour palette of my website and graphics, it keeps me far more organized and I can work much more quickly in the long run.  

As I mention in the video below, I'm not a brand strategist or a web designer. But I do know the importance of consistency of colour throughout your website.  People will begin to recognize your style and remember you - even if they don't like it. They'll be all, ah, that's her.

In the video, I show you one easy way to choose a colour palette from photos and images that have colours you like.  Someday, you may hire a brand strategist and web designer for your rebrand, but if you're raring to go right now and want to get your website from in your head to up online, then this is a good first step to planning. 

(Pssst:  Here's the link to Pictaculous.)