3 Free Video Courses to Help you Build your Squarespace Website

UPDATED October 2018

So you’ve decided to build your site on Squarespace. Welcome to the club.

If you're new to Squarespace and you’ve got some time - and even if you don’t - you kinda should make a bit of time - here are 3 video-based courses, tutorials and Youtube vids that will have you building your new Squarespace website in no time.

3 Free Squarespace Video Courses

3 Free Video Courses and YouTube Tutorials on How to Build Your Website on Squarespace

1. All of Squarespace’s Tutorial Videos - IN ONE PLACE.

No need to search around or guess techie jargon. You can go through these short vids one by one (and skip the ones you don’t need to watch).

2. Megan Minns has a comprehensive video-based course on how to build your site on Squarespace. And it’s FREE. Also check out Femtrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Squarespace video course.

3. My Squarespace 101 YouTube Tutorials Playlist - I’m always adding to it. Confession: it’s in no particular order, but you can shuffle it.

And / Or Try This (if it’s available where you live.)

Lynda.com has a Squarespace Essential Training course on setting up a Squarespace site on its platform.  

Wait, you might say, that’s not free. No, it’s not free if you sign up directly on Lynda.

But, at my public library, if you have a library card, you have access to all the course videos that Lynda has to offer. (I am currently taking the Adobe InDesign and Illustrator courses. They are superb: thorough and very easy to follow. I took a quick peek at the Squarespace course and it’s excellent too.)  

Check with your local library to see if they offer this service.

If you’re a Squarespace designer and have a free video course you’d like me to share here, email me a link, I’ll have a look and add it to this post.

Happy Watching.

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