How to Use PicMonkey to Create a Series of Blog and Instagram Graphics

For my ongoing series All Things Squarespace, I need a package of consistent blog and social media images.  I'm still branding my website and biz and, heck, even myself, so I wanted to find a nice set of images (or paint my own), to support the blog posts I write about Squarespace.

After signing up for free to the design content platform Creative Market, I downloaded a bundle of free styled mock up photography from the free goodies section**.  I liked that this bundle of 12 photos had a square frame in it.  Square, Squarespace. Get it. (Ok, I'm stretching.)

The photos are minimal and attractive and allow for text to be overlayed in the frame. 

I got to work.  Using the free online design software PicMonkey, I created 12 images with text for the blog series and for Instagram.  Now, whenever I write a blog post about Squarespace, I can grab one of these images and boom. Done. No more scrambling for a pic at the last minute.

Want to know how I did it? Watch the video below to see the steps I took to create the final images. Pretty straightforward, eh.

**These photos and other bundles are in Hannah Hathaway's Creative Market shop. Not only does she create stylized mock up photos, but she also paints whimsical watercolour flora and fauna.  Her website is We Lived Happily Ever After.