Why I Switched from Wordpress to Squarespace

I'm not here to slag WordPress. Fact is, I'm techy enough and I'll do what it takes to learn something new and it was fun to learn the platform while I was on it. 

But I'm not techy enough to keep up with all the hacking and security issues. And, I was getting a little peeved that for every problem that surfaced, I would have to pay to have it solved. Or spend half a day -  or more -  tinkering, googling and swearing at the inanimate object that is my computer. (Meanwhile losing precious time to work on other aspects of the biz. Or, draw and paint. Or, make supper for me and the kids).

And, I was overwhelmed with all the choice on WordPress.

The myriad of plugins and themes and options and this that and the next that WordPress has available. It's what makes it robust and the choice for many web designers, developers and businesses. But for a wannabe minimalist, it was simply too much. 

When I found out about Squarespace, I poked around a bit and realized, this is it. This platform is exactly what I need to build a website. The simplicity. The gorgeous templates. The platform itself is easy to navigate and maintain, it's mobile responsive (which means, it looks good on your smart phone or tablet) and Squarespace handles security. That's a big one for me. 

I believed at the time (and I was right) that building my website on Squarespace would allow me and my business to grow into whatever creative direction I took...even if it changed up.

That's why I chose Squarespace. I have not regretted it. Not for a second.