How to Create Text Backgrounds with the Image Card Block in Squarespace

The Stack Style Image Card Block is not only good for creating a nifty code-free pricing table.

It's also a solution if you have a lot of bullet-point copy that you want to separate into columns. Putting bulleted copy into columns with a background colour helps highlight your varied services, experience or skill set.

PSA: Don't Forget to Set Your Mobile Styles in the Style Editor in Squarespace

Remember those Be Like Bill that morphed in to Don't Be Like Bob Memes? I vaguely do.

Well, that was me the other day. Being like Bob - or Bill, or not Bill. Or whoever. I was rushed and careless.

In short, I forgot to set the mobile styles in Squarespace's style editor for a friend's website.

Determine the Best Set Up for YOUR Squarespace Web Design Business.

You pulled another all nighter. Third time this week. (And now the kids want their Cheerios and you just want to crawl into bed).

Your client is texting you because they’ve changed their mind about the copy THEY wrote last week. And it’s Sunday. 6am.

You’re all ready to start designing your client’s website - the branding’s all done, you’ve helped them source stunning images, but you don’t have any of their copy yet. And it was due 2 days ago. And you’ve got several other design jobs coming up.

You’re looking at another all nighter. Again.

What’s going on here? Why is your business designing Squarespace websites so hard to make work?


Simplify your Website Content Gathering Process by doing Explainer Videos for Clients

Gathering content from clients for a brand new website, particularly written content….ack!

Not an easy task, eh.

First, many clients don’t know the web design process and they certainly don’t know YOUR web design process.

How to Choose a Squarespace Template (by Function, not Design)

Choosing a Squarespace template is an ordeal.

You're checking out all the templates and finally settle on Margot, Basil, and Hatch. You're not sure why you've settled on these 3, you just did.

And then you stress out. 

5 Ways Squarespace Web Designers Can Handle Clients from Hell

First, I admit - “5 Ways Squarespace Web Designers Can Handle Clients from Hell” is one heck of a clickbait title. But you clicked, didn’t you.

Read on.

If you’ve found this post because you have a client from hell, let’s figure out why.

Inspiration from Renowned Art Museums for Your Art Gallery Website on Squarespace

If you want to build an art studio or art gallery-style website on Squarespace, look for inspiration from the big guys!

Who are the big guys exactly?

Well, in my webby world, it's The Met, The National Gallery of Canada and the Mackenzie Art Gallery of Regina, Saskatchewan.

2 Easy Hacks to Edit a Squarespace Page

Hey DIYer Squarespacers.

It's that time of the day when you're faffing around ON your business that you realize - you've gotta edit one of your Squarespace pages big time. You've got some new info to share and you've learned a thing or two about design and UX since the first time you DIYed your site.

You've got to move some images over here. Move some text over there. Add a call to action button. That kind of stuff.

 2 Squarespace Page Editing Hacks

These page edits will be so much more than adding a new link or correcting a typo. We're talking major changes.

Easy peasy, right? I mean, maybe you did the website yourself and so you think you know what to do.

And you go in and start mucking about and then, "OMG! What the heck have I done!"

And no, you can't undo it. And yep, I've been there many times. 

I've finally learned my lesson.

Before you start making major edits to your Squarespace Page, watch this tutorial.

These are the 2 hacks you need to try first. They work for me every single time.


Don't want to watch the vid? Here's the short text version. When you're making major edits to a Squarespace page:



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Create a Mini Search Engine Website with the Squarespace Search Block

Taking inspiration from search engines like Answer the Public and the big dawg, Google itself, I attempted to turn my trial Squarespace website into a mini search engine.

Did it work? See for yourself.

Why You Should Organize your Content with Squarespace Tags & Categories

Here's Why You Should Use Squarespace Tags and Categories: You want your site visitors to find your products, services and blog posts easily. And you don't want them losing interest or getting frustrated as they navigate through your site.

3 Reasons Why I Wish Design in a Day Existed for My First Squarespace Website

You bit the bullet and signed up for a Squarespace account. Good for you. 

And, I'm guessing you did what many DIYers do - dove right in and started building your Squarespace site because...

WEBSITE. {Ding ding ding!}