Draft / Template Blog Post Set Up 

In this video series you will learn how (and why) to

  • Create your own blog post draft template that you can duplicate each time you write a blog post on Squarespace. 
  • Set up more than one draft/template depending on the goal of your blog post. (What you want your readers to do after they've read the blog post.)
  • Where to put your keywords in each blog post.

Extra Stuff

If the videos below are hard to see or you want closed captioning, watch How to Watch Videos on My Squarespace Website over on Youtube. (2 mins).

Let's get started!

Video 1

What Blog Post Elements to Include.

What do you want your readers to do after they've read your blog post? 


Video 3

How to Set Up Your Blog Post Template/Draft

And .... Why you might want to have more than one Blog Post Template / Draft.

Video 2

How to Duplicate a Squarespace Blog Post

A step by step process and what to watch out for (don't make my mistake!)


Video 4

Where to Add Keywords in a Squarespace Blog Post

And ... How to set up your blog post template/draft to 'remind' you where to put keywords.