About (I say it the Canadian way)

Squarespace Web Design Partner & Copy Editor | Kath O'Malley

Look, do you really want to read about me?

You've just spent hours condensing your client's web copy and you still have to develop their Squarespace website AND start those other three projects.

Your To Do list is long enough. Reading about me shouldn't be on it.

You tell me what you need doing and I'll just get to it.

What do I mean by just getting to it?

I’ll edit and rewrite your client’s copy for you. Then I’ll proofread, check links, and do all that finicky project wrap up so you can launch your client's new website.

Afterwards, we'll hop on Skype or email about a project management system that will work for all your for future projects. A streamlined system that will make your web design process efficient, fast, and fun. I love helping Squarespace web designers with their design projects so they can move on to the next one (and let's be honest here, hire me again to help with that new one too!)

I also love explaining how to do things - particularly on Squarespace and particularly to non-techie clients - so when you hand over the site to your client, they can do it. On their own. With confidence. And competence.

No more calling you a month down the line to add an image to their latest blog post. (But if they do, I can help you with that too.)


Not quite? Ok. Here goes.

You've got my name, right.  (It's Kathleen. But you can call me Kath.)

I've been working on online-based solopreneury projects for the last couple of years - mainly self-taught. Like building Squarespace websites.

I also help entrepreneurs build websites in one day (yep) and offer customized Squarespace training.

And Ssssh. My secret, behind-the-scenes work is writing relatable and conversion-friendly web copy and blog posts for small business owners and web designers, saving them so much time on marketing their businesses. If developing and writing copy and blog posts that your potential clients and customers will actually want to read (and that will having them signing up for more) is something you want right now, reach out today.

In a past life, I was a middle school IT teacher. (Can't you tell?)

I have a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Journalism, and I live on Lynda tutorials (thank you Regina Public Library.) I like to learn tech stuff, especially tech stuff that combines creativity and getting it up online.

So that's me in a nutshell. Or on an About Page, anyway.