About (I say it the Canadian way)

Squarespace Web Design Partner & Copy Editor | Kath O'Malley

Look, do you really want to read about me?

You've just spent hours watching YouTube videos (maybe even mine) on how to set up a Squarespace website and you have yet to start that client project that’s due later today - and that has nothin’ to do with web design!

Your To Do list is long enough. Reading about me shouldn't be on it.

Need help building your Squarespace website? I’ll point you in the right direction.

All you have to do is get in touch.

Enough info for you?

Not quite? Ok. Here goes.

You've got my name, right? (It's Kathleen. But you can call me Kath.)

I know all about starting over again. After many years abroad - teaching and mom-ing it, I came back to Canada to a weak job market - in my field - and crazy high housing prices. (I mean, c’mon Canada. WTF.)

So I hopped on the ‘online marketing’ train - found it to be weird, wild, wonderful and wacky - and not always in a good way. I finally settled, if settle is the right word, on helping folks going through career transitions and branching out on their own, simplify the whole ‘getting online’ process.

Now, along with my colleague, Sarah Moon over in Portland, I help consultants, academics and professionals - like you - build websites in one day (yep), learn how content marketing works and offer customized Squarespace training. Our Design in a Day™ process has turned out to be so popular with solo lawyers and small law firms, that we also designed a niche law website just for them.

I mean, why not?

And Ssssh. My secret, behind-the-scenes work is writing relatable and conversion-friendly web copy for small business owners and web designers, saving them so much time on marketing their businesses. If writing web copy and coming up with ideas for blog posts that your potential clients and customers love reading - and that will entice them to contact you - is something you need, reach out today.

The Credentials - I’ve got a few…

In a past life, I was a middle school IT teacher. No, seriously.

I have a Bachelor of Education, (U of Toronto) a Bachelor of Journalism (Carleton U), and am a Squarespace Authorized Trainer. I live on Skillshare and Lynda tutorials (thank you Regina Public Library) and dabble in digital illustration. I like to learn tech stuff, especially tech stuff that combines creativity and getting it up online.

So that's me in a nutshell. Or on an About Page, anyway.

Got Qs, ask away!

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