What is the best way to ruin a gorgeous
Squarespace web design?


Wordy Web Copy


You can and should share your message in as few keyword-rich words as possible. 

Squarespace Bedford Template Word Count Cheatsheet


Time to get your Client's Squarespace website done.


Once and for all!

Squarespace Web Designer's Partner | Kath O'Malley


I'm Kath.

I work behind the scenes providing copywriting, editorial, tech and strategic support to stressed-out Squarespace web designers and other busy entrepreneurs

I help my designer clients by freeing them from endless scope creep and constant content revisions so they can move on to new projects - doing what they do best: Design.

I draw and paint too. Usually fruit and veggies.

How to Hire a Squarespace Web Designer Partner

You're a one-person shop and all this essay-length copy and end-of-project STUFF you have to do for your wonderful (but ever-so-slightly picky) client is keeping you from moving on to your next paying project. 

Let's speed things up for you, shall we? 


What if You're Not a Squarespace Web Designer


What if you're one of those fussy clients I talk about about. (Can I help you, too?)
Absolutely. And for the record, being fussy is ok. (Being late with your copy, not so much.)


I help creative entrepreneurs and freelancers build, maintain and write fab copy for their Squarespace websites.


And you can be as finicky* as you want.

*Yep, I googled a synonym for fussy. There's also scrupulous, fastidious and persnickety.