Has your client sent you their web copy yet?


(I'm looking at you,
Squarespace web designers)

Squarespace Bedford Template Word Count Cheatsheet

Is your client's copy long winded?Disorganized? late? Non-Existent?

Download the sample Word Count Cheatsheet.

Use this straightforward trick to help your clients write and edit effective web copy for their Squarespace websites. Or for your own.


Time to get your Client's Squarespace website done.


Once and for all!



I'm Kath.

I work behind the scenes providing copywriting, editorial, tech and strategic support to stressed-out Squarespace web designers and other busy entrepreneurs

I help my designer clients by freeing them from endless scope creep and constant content revisions so they can move on to new projects - doing what they do best: Design.

I draw and paint too. Usually fruit and veggies.

Hire a Squarespace Web Designer Partner

You're a one-person shop and all this essay-length copy and end-of-project STUFF you have to do for your wonderful (but ever-so-slightly picky) client is keeping you from moving on to your next paying project. You need a project management system that works for you.

Let's Speed Things up for You, Shall We?



Not a Squarespace Web Designer?

What if you're one of those fussy clients I talk about about. (Can I help you, too?)

Absolutely. And for the record, being fussy is ok. (Being late with your copy, not so much.)

I help creative entrepreneurs and freelancers build, maintain and write fab copy for their Squarespace websites.

And you can be as finicky* as you want.

*Yep, I googled a synonym for fussy. There's also scrupulous, fastidious and persnickety.